How To Get FaceTime For Windows PC? [+Alternatives]

FaceTime is the ultimate video calling app developed by Apple. It lets you voice and video call anyone with an Apple device over cellular data or Wi-Fi. One neat feature of FaceTime is that you can use your Memoji in the call that matches your mood and personality. Moreover, FaceTime allows you to snap and capture photos within the FaceTime video call to save those precious moments with friends and family. Sadly, FaceTime for Windows PC is not available, as it was made only for Mac OS like most Apple products, but there is a way around.

Awesome FaceTime Features:

  • On-Screen filter effects during calls
  • Group calls up to 32 people
  • Integration with the iMessage app
  • In large groups, FaceTime brings active speaker to the center of the screen
  • Inactive group members will be shown in a roster

Overall, FaceTime is an excellent video-calling app, but it does have its downside. Sadly, the short answer to the title is no. FaceTime is only available within Apple’s ecosystem. Hence, if you’re to trying to find a way to get FaceTime working on your PC, you are out of luck. Any emulators, gimmicks or software that are ‘proving’ they can run FaceTime on Windows PC is utter nonsense. Usually, they are trying to scam you for your money or install malware onto your computer.

Stay Away From Third-Party Emulators

There are several websites out there that claim certain emulators will be able to run FaceTime on PC and other official iOS apps. A popular emulator known as iPadian emulator is usually recommended. The first thing to note is that the iPadian is not an actual emulator. An emulator runs an exact virtual copy of a system’s environment. Instead, it is a simulator. This simulator will allow you to gain an impression of iOS, hence experience the look and feel of Apple’s ecosystem.

It’s sad that this misinformation is constantly being spread throughout the internet. Users will spend $25 USD on this product only to find out that FaceTime doesn’t exist within the simulator. Although, if you are interested in experiencing an iOS environment, its features, and design, then we do recommend you check out iPadian.

But please, do not install these third-party emulators if you want to run official Apple apps. It’s simply not possible as Apple is infamous for keeping their apps restricted within their ecosystem’s boundaries.

Best FaceTime Alternatives for PC

It definitely a downer that FaceTime for PC is not available, but to brighten up the mood here are some great FaceTime alternatives that have just as great video calling capabilities. Check them out below!

1. Skype

Skype has been around for quite some time since 2003 to be in fact. Over time it became one the most go to video-calling software available for Windows. Friends, families, and even large organizations use skype to keep in contact and host conferences.

Skype also supports group video calling for up to 50 people. And guess what? It’s all free. Moreover, with group screen sharing features, presenting PowerPoints and video recordings have never been easier.

2. ooVoo

ooVoo is another great video calling app to similar FaceTime on PC experience. It was at first popularized by teens, but adults are slowly moving into the scene due to its excellent features. ooVoo supports up to 8 people per call group, has free messaging and unlimited video calling from anywhere in the world.

ooVoo also has the ability to record a video chat and instantly upload it to Youtube, and share Youtube videos live to the group call. It also has an excellent screen-sharing feature that allows you to watch videos together with other members of the group.

3. Viber Desktop

Viber Desktop has a simple user interface that allows you to send messages, images, stickers, and videos with your friends. You can also video call your friends one at a time. In order to install Viber for desktop, you’ll need to create an account on your mobile phone and sync the account to your Desktop.

Although it doesn’t support group video calling, it provides an excellent HD video calling service. Moreover, Viber also provides cheap call rates to international countries all over the world. The Viber team is constantly updating their software and bringing out great improvements.

4. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts has an excellent array of features and is available as an extension on the chrome web store. It supports instant messaging, voice calls, HD group video calls, and conference calls. Moreover, it has cross-platform compatibility, meaning you can make calls to your friends even if they are using their mobile devices.

Some other great features are its built-in screen sharing and integration of other Google applications. Google Hangouts are great for corporate settings when businesses have to communicate with their customers using video calls.

5. Wire

Wire is a collaboration platform that charges $5 per month. It offers a secure and encrypted open-source, end-to-end platform for sharing messages, files, and making video calls. Wire group chats support up to 128 members, voice chats up to 10 members and video conference calling up to 4 parties. There are tons of other features included such as screen sharing, image annotations, sketching, link previews, etc.

The wire has a large focus on creating a secure method for enterprise organizations to share their data. It uses MLS (Messaging Layer Security) which employs end-to-end encryption within a group chat. You can try out Wire for thirty days and see if it suits your needs.

Final Words:

It’s unfortunate that FaceTime for PC isn’t available and we all wish Apple would make their apps cross-compatible. However, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen anytime soon or even in the long run.

That being said, it’s best you check out the list of FaceTime alternatives we’ve introduced above. They are all well-developed apps and are free except for Wire (due to its excellent security features). Make sure you try them all out and choose one that you, your family and friends or your business find the most suitable.

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