Is It Possible To Get Apple iBooks on PC To Work?

As of the 2018 iOS 12 updates, Apple Books or simply iBooks is now the updated version of iBooks with several new built-in features. Apple Books allows you to purchase, organize and read your favourite books on your iPhone, iPad or Mac devices. Sadly, Apple iBooks for PC is not available, as it was made only for Mac OS like most Apple products.

Apple Books Features:

Here are a few of the excellent features that come with Apple Books:

In-App Book Purchases: Within the Books app you can visit the Book Store at the bottom of the screen. There are several sections available such as recommended books, trending books, top charts, and special offers.

Library Organization: Apple books allow you to sort through books via Title, Date, Author, or manual specifications. You can even organize the books based on their file format. For example, you can separate PDF files from ePUB files and so on.

In-Built App Controls: There are several in-built controls within the app that make your reading experience more efficient. For example, you can create bookmarks, change the font and adjust brightness. You can also search for specific words or a page number within the book.

Highlighting and Note Taking Capability: For those active readers, a note-taking feature is a must and Apple Books provides just that. All you have to touch and drag the cursor on the selection you want to note or highlight. You can also then visit the table of contents and view all of the notes you had taken down previously.

As usual, there’s a downside. it is not available for PC, and there’s no legitimate way to get the Apple Books on PC working. Apple Books is sadly confined to the restricted ecosystem that Apple has built. But don’t get upset, there are some insanely good alternate book reading applications out there for PC that are just as good as Apple Books.

Important Note: Do Not Use iPadian Emulator

Unfortunately, whenever you Google iBooks or Apple Books for PC there will be hundreds of websites assuring you that you can get Apple Books working for PC by using the iPadian Emulator. The iPadian emulator is not exactly an emulator (even the developers of this app states this precisely). However, some websites like to scam you into buying this product (it costs $25) by proving that it will run official Apple apps.

This emulator is actually a simulator designed to let you experience the look and feel of Apple’s iOS, which does a pretty good job of it. But, it doesn’t come installed with any official apps and the App Store only has a few select packages that are only supposed to mimic iOS. Just trust me on the fact that there is no legal way to use Apple Books on PC, or any official Apple app on PC with iPadian emulator.

Best Apple iBooks Alternatives

We know you came here looking for a download to iBooks for PC and was probably shocked to find out the truth that it doesn’t work. But, we definitely don’t want you leaving us unsatisfied. In this section, we’ll look at some of the best alternatives to Apple Books that work on PC.

1. Calibre

Calibre is probably one of the best software available for organizing, reading, and managing your ebooks. Most of all, it’s free. There are some really unique features within this app such as merging and splitting ebooks, a magazine reader and ebook format conversion. Calibre easily recognizes any epub readers such as the Kindle and can automatically convert other file formats such as PDFs to work on that device. Moreover, you can send books from your Calibre library directly to your Apple Device using Wi-Fi. The website and user interface seems a little outdated, but I believe this was meant to match the rustic feel that books have to offer. Also, it helps this software run more smoothly on older devices.

2. Cool Reader

CoolReader is a free and open-source book management system that supports a wide range of file formats. For example, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, PDF, EPUB and many more. However, the user interface is severely outdated and doesn’t support features such as drag and drop. Although there are some effects to make your reading experience more realistic such as the page-turning effect and bookmark system. There’s a ‘Night Mode’ option that reduces glare, and a text to speech narrator to essentially turn your ebook into an audio-book.

3. Sumatra Reader

Sumatra is an ebook reader that is highly based on the simplicity of the user interface. The file size of the software is very lightweight and easy to install. It doesn’t provide as many features as Calibre when it comes to ebook file management, editing and sharing, but it does what you casual readers really need. You can add books to the library, view them, and read them. Moreover, Sumatra is open source and supports a wide variety of file formats such as PDF, ePub, Mobi, XPS, CHM and even Comic Books formats such as CBZ and CBR. If you’re looking for a simple ebook reader that organizes and lets your read your files, this is the one.

Final Words:

It is truly unfortunate that Apple Books doesn’t work on PC. But is it really though? With the Apple Books alternatives provided above, you really won’t be missing out on much.

In fact, I don’t think there’s such an in-depth and efficient book management system such as Calibre, it is a must-have for avid book readers all over the world. That being said, we hope you found this article useful and cleared any doubts you had about Apple Books for PC.

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