iMessage for PC, Is it Possible on Windows? [Get Now]

iMessage has always been a popular choice of instant messaging for Apple users. With the new addition of Apple’s Animoji and a large number of camera effects, iMessage’s popularity has grown increasingly over the past few years. Although iMessage has been around since 2011, there has yet to be cross-platform compatibility to use iMessage on PC. Users have pleaded Apple to add this feature, but have had no success. Consequently, we all know Apple is keen on keeping its ecosystem restricted to its devices.

If you came here looking for a way to download iMessage for PC, you are out of luck. Unfortunately, there’s no possible way to get iMessage on PC without jailbreaking your device (not recommended at all). But wait, don’t leave! We have included some amazing alternatives you can instead of iMessage on your PC.

Methods That Don’t Work – Stop Reading Other Websites

Before we begin, I want to point out something very important. Several websites will claim that you can run iMessage on PC using different methods such as emulators and remote desktops. It’s important to understand that these don’t work and are really just trying to get you to purchase their software.

1. Ipadian Emulator

An emulator is essentially a virtual machine that allows you to run another device’s environment or operating system directly from your computer’s desktop. It’s a great option if you want to try out new operating systems before installing it permanently.

There are hundreds of websites out there telling you to install iPadian emulator to run iMessage, but a word of advice. Do not trust them. If you noticed, in the title I put emulator in double-quotes. This is because iPadian isn’t even a proper emulator. In fact, to be able to completely emulate an exact copy of Apple’s iOS without permission would be illegal. Instead, iPadian is basically a simulator that’s designed to look like an iPad and doesn’t even run official iOS apps.

The app store itself is fake and has a series of packaged apps that are supposed to simulate real iOS apps. If you’re simply trying to experience the look and feel of iOS then it’s fine, but if you’re trying to legitimately use Apple applications such as iMessage, iTunes, or iMovie, then you better avoid iPadian. 

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

With Chrome Remote Desktop you can technically access iMessage from your PC. However, its not a viable solution for long term access to the app. Chrome Remote Desktop is a software developed by Google that allows you to remotely access another computer’s desktop through Google Chrome (web browser).

We don’t recommend using this as a way to get iMessage on your PC for several reasons. Firstly, you’ll need a Mac book that is constantly running. Secondly, the software is very laggy and has low framerate performance.

Lastly, the installation process is quite time-consuming as you’ll have to install the extension on both computers. Moreover, you’ll have to grant permission on both PC and Mac as well. Chrome Remote Desktop is a great way to share your desktop with friends and colleagues but if you’re installing it simply to use iMessage it’s definitely not worth it.

Alternatives To iMessage For Windows PC

Although iMessage doesn’t work on PC, there are several amazing instant messaging apps out there that are just as good.

1. Your Phone

Your Phone‘ comes built-in to the latest versions of Windows 10. This is a highly overlooked text messaging app that works with Android devices. All you have to do is install Your Phone Companion App to link your phone to Windows 10. Now open the app, navigate to Settings>Messages and make sure the toggle buttons are turned on for the following:

  • Allow this app to show text messages from my phone
  • Allow this app to send MMS attachments from my phone
  • Allow this app to receive MMS attachments from my phone
  • Automatically download MMS attachments from my phone

Then return back to your PC, open the Your Phone app, select messages. You can send a new text message from your PC, by pressing ‘New Message’. Unfortunately for Apple devices, you can’t send text messages but you can share webpages to your desktop using Microsoft Edge.

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is probably the best iMessage alternative and most common text messaging app available on mobile devices. Lucky for your desktop users, there’s a browser-based version available. You can send images, videos, texts and even download files from your computer. Connecting your WhatsApp to your desktop’s web browser couldn’t be easier. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to WhatsApp Web.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your phone, select Menu or Settings and select WhatsApp Web.
  3. Point the camera that appears onto the QR code shown on your desktop.
  4. This will automatically log you into your WhatsApp account.

3. Skype

Skype has been around for quite some time and is mainly popular for its video conferencing capability. However, its a great text messaging app that’s available for download on PC. You can add contacts via their phone number or by searching their Skype username in the directory. Skype also allows you to add Skype Credit to your account to send SMS texts at really cheap rates. Moreover, you can call international countries all over the world.

Final Words:

We know you may be upset to find out that iMessage doesn’t work on PC. But let’s face it, Apple simply doesn’t want to release cross-compatibility for their apps and there are no working third party apps that will allow us to access it.

Moreover, instead of jailbreaking and potentially harming your device’s software, we recommend you to choose one of the iMessage alternatives above. They are developed by well-trusted sources and have almost all the features that iMessage has to offer.

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