How To Get WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android 2020

A feature we’ve been requesting for some time and the app developer gods have finally answered our calls. WhatsApp dark mode is now available on Android as of early March 2020. If your phone has Android 10 OS or later, your phone should have received a system-wide dark mode theme that would have automatically updated WhatsApp to its dark mode version.

If you’re using Android 9 OS or earlier, you will have to manually enable dark mode. On the other hand, if you believe that your phone should have received dark mode but it didn’t, then its quite possible that your WhatsApp or mobile operating system is out of date.

How To Update Your Phone And Apps For Dark Mode?

Follow these steps to use WhatsApp dark mode on your Android phone.

1. Update OS To Android 10

The latest Android 10 OS update has dark theme support and when installed, it will provide a system-wide theme change and convert supported apps like WhatsApp to dark mode. Follow the instructions below to check for system updates.

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Select System > About Device (or About Phone) > System Updates
  3. Now click on Check for Updates.
  4. If you have any updates, a download and install option will appear. Press it. 

2. Update Your WhatsApp

It’s quite possible that you don’t have the latest version of WhatsApp installed. This could be the reason as to why there is no WhatsApp dark mode enable option in your app settings. Usually, this won’t be an issue if you have automatic updates installed. However for people who have automatic updates disabled, if you want to update your Whatsapp to the latest update, follow the steps below. Please note, in this guide we’ve assumed you already have WhatsApp installed.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Press the menu button (three parallel lines)
  3. Select ‘My apps & games’
  4. Now select the INSTALLED tab. 
  5. Under this section, locate WhatsApp Messenger. If the option next to it says ‘Update’ press it to update your app. If it says Open, it means your WhatsApp has already been updated to the latest version.
  6. Currently, as of April 1, 2020, the latest WhatsApp Version is shown below. 

How To Enable Dark Mode On Android

Now that you’ve ensured your phone is updated to the latest version, your device should have automatically enabled dark mode. However, if for some reason you’re still on the default theme or you’re using Android 9 or lower you will have to manually enable dark mode.

1. Enable Dark Mode on Android 10 OS

There are two ways you can turn on the dark theme once you’ve updated to Android 10. Note, this will change your entire device into Dark Mode not just WhatsApp. If you wish to just change WhatsApp’s theme to dark mode, follow the instruction for Andriod 9OS or lower.

Method #1: Using System Settings:

You can change your phone’s appearance to dark mode in the Settings app.

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Press the Display tab and select Theme
  3. Change the Theme to Dark.

However, this method doesn’t assure that all apps will receive Dark Mode, it simply adjusts areas such as the quick settings menu, volume slider and certain supported apps such as WhatsApp. Some Android phones or tablets will have a ‘Night Mode’ toggle button instead of the option to change the Theme in your settings. This is a much more updated version of Android’s Dark Mode and immediately turns several Google applications such as Messages, Google Phone and Google Contacts to Dark Mode. Just simply turn the toggle button for Night Mode on to turn on Dark Mode.

Method #2: Using Quick-Menu Settings

The easiest way to change your phone to dark mode is by doing so from the swipe-down menu provided in Android. If you haven’t pinned the Dark Mode toggle option to the quick-menu settings, you’ll have to do that first. Follow the simple instructions below:

  1. To add Dark Mode to your quick menu settings, pull your quick menu bar all the way down (for some devices, you may need to pull down twice), then tap on the Pen icon (in some cases and EDIT button).
  2. This will open a list of several icons that you can add to your quick-menu settings. Drag and drop the Dark Mode icon. If you drop the icon higher up in the quick-menu settings you’ll be able to see it immediately when you swipe down from the top of your screen.
  3. Now dark mode is easily accessible from your home screen.
  4. There’s one quick step before you turn on Dark Mode. In some devices when you close the quick settings after adding dark mode you’ll be asked to grant root access which will allow to instantly toggle to dark mode. If this pop-up occurs, select ‘GRANT’.
  5. Now, just swipe down to open the quick-menu settings and toggle Dark Mode by pressing on it.

2. Enable Dark Mode On Android 9 OS Or Lower

Note, Android 9 OS does not support a system-wide dark mode theme. Hence, this will only turn your WhatsApp into Dark Mode and not the entire device. You can also follow this method if you’re on Android 10 and only want the WhatsApp application to be in dark mode. You can keep the rest of the device in its default theme by changing the theme back to default in the Settings menu.

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Select the Settings icon (three vertical dots in the top right corner)
  3. Select Chats
  4. Now press on Themes
  5. Change the Theme to Dark and press OK
  6. The Dark theme will now be enabled in Whatsapp. 

Final Words:

We all love the sleek and clean look that Dark Mode has to offer. Sometimes sending those late-night messages on WhatsApp can be a strain on your eyes. Now that you have Dark Mode, you will no longer have to squint your eyes to send messages.

After following the steps and setting up Dark Mode on your device and WhatsApp, we highly doubt you’ll ever go back to the default theme. It’s simply that amazing.

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